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Welcome to Culinary Travels by The Sophisticated Life! Culinary Travels are luxury group trips curated for food & wine enthusiasts by award-winning blogger & entrepreneur-Dr.Nadeen White. Launched in 2023, Culinary Travels has journeyed to Morocco, Northern Italy & Southern France. 

Imagine wine tasting in France & South Africa, doing a tagine cooking class in Morocco, truffle hunting in Northern Italy, dining at Michelin Star restaurants in Spain & also experiencing amazing street food in Thailand. Nothing is off limits when it comes to full immersion into the food & beverage culture of our destination.

So why are Culinary Travels group trips for you? If you are looking for a culinary and cultural adventure but hate to research, plan and execute a trip-Culinary Travels is for you. If you enjoy meeting like-minded travelers & joining a community that you can go on future trips with-Culinary Travels is for you. If you get excited about seeing new places and doing new & unique things while traveling- Culinary Travels is for you. If you would like a host who pays attention to detail, who cares whether you are having an amazing time, who has a wine certification and does wine education during the trip-Culinary Travels is for you! 

Dr.Nadeen White of Culinary Travels by The Sophisticated Life

Our trips

Meet Nadeen!

I am Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life Blog. After 10 years of travel blogging and content creation, I have decided to take this show on the road! I have visited 6 continents-who is coming with me to Antarctica? :-)-all while indulging in great food & wine. It is a wonderful way to communicate with and get to know other people.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the trips domestic or international?

Both. The trips will focus on food & wine destinations around the world. There be land and sea-based itineraries.

Are the trips for adults, couples, women, men, coed, or families?

Most trips will be for adults over the age 18, all genders. But some trips will be women only. Some will allow for children. The trips will be small from 12-15 people except for cruises.

What will be the cost and length of the trips?

The lengths will range from weekend trips of 3-4 days, trips from 5-7 days and longer trips of 8-10 days. It will depend on the destination and itinerary. Pricing will depend on the length and location.

What about pricing? Are the trips budget friendly or luxury trips?

Expect affordable luxury tours with 4–5-star hotel accommodations. For most itineraries, some meals and tours will be included. Airfare will not be included but may be quoted as an add-on. Pricing will depend on the tour and length. Deposits and cancellation policies will vary per trip.

Will roommate pairing be available for double-occupancy rooms?

This service will not be provided. You will need to book with your own travel companion or pay for a single room. There may be an additional charge for a single room i.e., a single supplement.

Are vaccines required?

Vaccine requirements will depend on the destination. Some countries will require COVID-19 vaccines and/or testing for entry. Other vaccines may also be required for entry. Please read these requirements before making any deposits. voluptatibus commodi numquam, error, est. Ea, consequatur.

Is travel insurance required?

Yes. Travel insurance is required. It is highly recommended that you include medical coverage and evacuation.

Time for part 2 of my list!! Head to @threads to check out the things I will NOT miss about #atlanta I don’t think there is any surprise that the traffic is #1 lol #visitatlanta #discoveratlanta
If you have lived in #ATLANTA you will enjoy these 2 threads I’m doing. 
Since I have moved from Atlanta>Detroit after almost 12 years!!! I am doing lists on the things I’ll miss about Atlanta and the things I will NOT miss!! 😆😆
Can you guess a few? 

#visitatlanta #discoveratlanta #atlantageorgia
Since I’m discussing my @ancestry results this weekend I thought I would share some of the questions I get asked after telling people I am Jamaican 🇯🇲🇯🇲 
I could not fit them all!! Some of these are from my childhood days in New Jersey in a predominantly white town. 

One of the ones not listed here is “Did you ride on horseback on the beach to class?” I guess I could not totally blame them since that is what they saw on TV 📺. They imagined that I lived in small huts on a beach and barely had an education. Meanwhile I started school here I had to skip a grade so….💁🏽‍♀️

But yes these questions are “funny not funny” 😆 you don’t know how long it has taken me at times to convince people that have visited Jamaica that they do NOT speak a different language!! Now the Patois with the accent can be very strong and at times I struggle but it is not officially another language. Ask them to speak slower which will help lol 😂 

The second most common question or assumption I received was that ganja, weed, marijuana was just a part of life growing up there and that we all had it in our backyards and sat around smoking it every day. NOT!! I never saw it in my home or my relatives homes. Not to say they didn’t use it but I didn’t see or it being smoked. And we are not Rastafarians. Rastafarians make up only 3% of Jamaicans. 

Do I run fast? I did!! And we do! Jamaicans are known to be sprinters with the records and medals 🥇 to prove it. People say it’s maternal diet, the food, the soil, the coaching and of course genetics 🧬 play a role as well. 

So what other stereotypes do you hold or have heard about Jamaicans? That we have 10 jobs? That one is true!! lol 😆

And I am related to the Marleys. Go figure! 

#jamaicans #jamaicanbeauty🇯🇲 #jamaicanmemes #dunnsriverfalls #jamaica🇯🇲 #ochorios #jamaicamon
“Out of many one people”. 1 people. Jamaicans first. That’s one of the things I love about Jamaicans. We see each other all over the world 🌎 and we recognize the accent, the jokes, the food, the swagger, the drive!! 

***story time 🇯🇲🇯🇲

When I bought my husband and I @ancestry kits a few years ago it was just for fun. I don’t think he ever did his. For generations both my Mother’s and Father’s family are from Kingston Jamaica 🇯🇲. Throw in some Irish, British and Chinese with African ancestry and you have got the DNA profile. 

The first set of results had the typical information. West African countries in random order since the countries that are there now are not named the same as the ones then. Funny thing is a lot of Jamaicans tell me Ghana reminds them of Jamaica but I have not been yet. Even funnier is people think I’m East African-Ethiopian, Somalian..AND I get @kerrywashington only to find out she has some Jamaican ancestry! 

Then the latest update came out and it said my DNA 🧬 linked me to 1 community. I clicked on the button and it went from a wide screen and zeroed in on Jamaica 🇯🇲! That likkle island in the Caribbean Sea!! 
It was so cool to watch that!!! 

I realized this thing had merit lol 😆 
Again it didn’t tell me anything I did not already know but be careful! I have read of some interesting family revelations that have come from using these!! 

Have you done any of the ancestry tests or traveled based on the results? I have been tempted to find the Irish relatives on my Grandmother’s side. Follow @jetsetlisette who is doing very interesting travel based on this! 

And shout out to the Marleys who are still making great music!! 🎶 

#ancestrydnaresults #ancestrytravel #ancestrydna #jamaicanice #jamaicanbeauty🇯🇲 #jamaicanheritage #marleymusic
***Save & Share! 
Black History Month may be over but you can support Black-owned businesses year round across the globe 🌎!! 
Seek them out during your travels!! Here are a few ways to do so…

1) Google (😏). A LOT of bloggers, including me, have curated lists of Black-owned restaurants, hotels, wineries, tour guides etc 
2) Search and ask in travel Facebook groups. They are an excellent source of this information in every corner of the world!! 
3) Use hashtags on Instagram and other social media networks to find what you are looking for. You may also find content creators from that area and you can ask them. 
4) APPS: check out apps like @abctravelgreenbook  @eatokratheapp  @greenbookglobal to find recommendations and reviews of Black-owned places around the world!! 

Featured businesses @jnanetamsna @shopbombchel @portenoirekx @mcclellandhouse 

#supportblackownedbusinesses #blackandbeautiful #blackbusinesswomen #blackbusinessowners #blackownedwines #blackowned #blackownedrestaurants 

What do you think of this list? Have you used any of these methods?
This is really cool. #3 and #4 are on our Culinary Travels group trip itinerary in November & I have been to #4 and #5 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 
I am doing something right! 🍷🍷🥂🥂

Who wants to sip on Pinotage & Chenin Blanc & Cab Sav & Cap Classique with me in these beautiful settings with me later this year?! The trip is more than half full & the deadline to register is April 1st! 

Repost from @capetownmag 
Some of my favorites in the Cape Winelands⛰️
Check out our story for some more information and tips on these wine farms!

Which one will you visit next?🍷

#stellenbosch #southafricanwines #winefarms #grouptrip #southafricatravel #visitsouthafrica
EXTRA DAY MEANS AN EXTRA POST FOR #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory365 
I am excited to announce that I am moving to Detroit Michigan!! 
This is a first for me. I have never lived in the Midwest. But there is so much history there and so much culture and good food to discover so I’m excited. This list is a great place to start! 
Have you been to @visitdetroit ? 

#visitdetroit #détroitmichigan @eatokratheapp @abctravelgreenbook @theblacktravelalliance @blacktravelsummit @blacksintourism
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