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I am Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life Blog. After 10 years of travel blogging and content creation, I have decided to take this show on the road! I have visited 6 continents-who is coming with me to Antarctica? :-)-all while indulging in great food & wine.

In 2023 I started “Culinary Travels by The Sophisticated Life”  for food & wine enthusiasts like myself. These small affordable luxury group trips are focused on local cuisine, wine & beverages as well as historical & cultural experiences.

On my 1st Culinary Travels group trip in Morocco. Glamping in The Sahara!

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My blog has always focused on travel, food & wine. While traveling, I search for wineries, vineyards, award-winning restaurants as well as street food, local markets & walking food tours. And, during the pandemic I received my 1st wine certification-WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Level 2 with distinction. This means I actually know what I am talking about when it comes to wine (lol). For you it also means that you will receive wine education from me while on  the tours.

Over the years I have written numerous destination guides and authored 3 best-selling Amazon travel E-books. These E-books cover popular and lesser-known destinations, restaurant and wine recommendations and USA wine regions. Why am I listing all of this? To let you know that I am far from an amateur when it comes to travel, researching destinations, wine travel or global cuisines!

I have often been asked by readers and my social media family-“When are you going to start planning trips?” “I want to travel with you!” If the pandemic taught me anything is that you must seize opportunities when you can. Travel when you are able.

In Italy at a winery in Valpolicella



The truth is, I have always planned trips for myself, family and friends. I love doing the research, curating itineraries and I am detail oriented. With Culinary Travels by The Sophisticated Life, I will be able to bring people to the places I love and discover new places. What is better than that?

I have enjoyed building connections in the travel, food, and wine industry. Through these connections and collaborations, I plan to give you immersive and unique experiences. I also plan to support BIPOC, Woman-owned and local businesses and work with tour companies who do the same. 

I hope to see you on a Culinary Travels tour or 2 or 3! 




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